Dissertation proofreading service

Need dissertation proofreading in Manchester? We have worked with students from across the UK and around the world. 

Improve your academic work with the help of our professional, quality proofreading service. Polish your language and writing with the help of our experienced team.

A dissertation is the fruit of years of labour. Proofreading ensures that the document reads as it should as you will no longer be able to spot your own mistakes and this will possibly help improve your marks.

What are the options? You could give the document to a friend but they may lack the professional experience and trained eye that our proofreaders have to spot grammar, syntax and lexical errors.

Why choose us?

  • Our Native English proofreaders have an average of 5.4 years of experience and are degree-qualified
  • Our service is 100% secure and confidential
  • We have fast turn around times
  • Two proofreaders check your work

What our dissertation proofreading covers

We check spelling, grammar, punctuation, repetition, academic tone and style and sentence structure.

Don’t risk an error-filled dissertation. Confidentiality and security assured. Contact us by clicking the button below or at info@proofreadingmanchester.co.uk


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